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Scholostics Technologies, MONOID :

A DSP project which runs under the platform DSP - SCHOLOSTICS. MONOID is a first product of the company. The name itself has its own significance - MONO stands for Single and ID stands for Identification. It is a tutorial for "Digital Signal Processing". It has several modules which covers the complete syllabus of different universities.

Basic features for this software are -

Each module of MONOID performs a simple, and hence easily verifiable, operation. Performing sophisticated operations, aids the students in conceptualizing the digital filter operation and for trouble-shooting the more complicated projects. By the end of the software, the student should have an intuitive understanding of digital signal processing that is invaluable for applying it to novel situations. Students will also have a flexible library of signal processing programs that they have written themselves.

Graphics outputs produced by the MONOID are displayed on the terminal and on printer. MONOID also have advantage of not requiring special plotting hardware. The experience gained through this software should whet the appetite for the study of advanced topics in filter design and signal processing. The students can easily become facile with the various programs that are available for automatically designing optimal digital filters.

It gives stepwise computation for all the problems so that user easily understand which are the different steps to solve the problem.

It gives complete coding of TMS 320 X Processor for every operation such as function and information etc.




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